Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring is in the air. The outdoors is calling. It’s time to go camping! What foods do you take so that they will remain fresh, yet nutritious? Granola Bars are an easy way to take vitamin nutrition supplements with you on a camping trip. These bars will have the taste of home recipes, because you made them at home ahead of time and packed them in an airtight container. It may not be “emirel’s recipe” but try them. You’ll like this free healthy recipe.

Granola Bars with yogurt

2 cups oats
2 cups barley flakes
1cup rye flakes
½ cup wheat germ
½ -1 cup whole-wheat flour
½ cup sesame seeds
½ cup sunflower seeds
1½ cup chopped nuts
½ cup bran
1 cup chopped dates
1 1/2 cup raisins
¼-1/2 cup yogurt
1 ½ honey and molasses
2/3cup oil or melted butter
1 beaten egg

Heat honey mixture and oil in microwave for 30 seconds. Mix oats, barley, rye, wheat germ, flour, and bran together. Pour oil mixture, yogurt and egg into dry mix. Mix well. Add seeds, nuts, dates and raisins. Mix again. Adjust yogurt and flour to the mixture.
Spray a casserole dish and press mixture into the dish. Bake at 350 degrees for 20–30 minutes. Cool and slice into bars. Makes 24 bars.

I used 1 box of granola cereal, 2 cups graham flour, 1 egg and 1 jar of yogurt and mixed with 2/3 cup heated honey and molasses and 1/3 cup oil. I baked the mixture in a black cast iron dutch oven over medium coals at the campsite. They turned out delicious!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Do camp fires cause Global Warming?

The whole debate of Golobal warming has had me confused for years. Personally i think global warming would be a good thing as I hate cold weather.

Also, when I studied climate and environmental science, we learned that a small rise in CO2 would be a good thing for the planet as it would make deserts fertile again like they were during some ancient time in earths history.

Here is a link to an interesting film that points out just how insignificant the things we humans do is to our overall climate.

So you can build your campfire with no guilt. Just enjoy the warmth and good food.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Omelet on the Grill

This omelet can be cooked on the grill or on your campfire. It will make a different and tasty treat on a cool spring morning while you are camping out. You can used canned mustard greens or spinach or use some fresh lettuce and wilt in hot bacon grease before cooking with the eggs. Cook 6 slices of bacon and crumble. Use 1 cup of precooked greens, 1 cup of grated cheese, 1/4 cup canned milk with salt and pepper to taste. Discard any left-over bacon grease, but pour egg mixture into well greased skillet. Place a lid on top and cook on low heat until done. May serve in slices like a pizza or turn onto serving plate and flip like an omelet. Serve with fruit juice and cheese drop biscuits. Happy campfire cooking on a brisk, sunny morning while you are rallying, boating or just enjoying God's beautiful world.