Thursday, April 03, 2008

Grilled Mac and Cheese Muffins

These tuna and macaroni with cheese muffins or puffs will be easy on the grill. Just mix and place in a 12 muffin-cup pan. Cover with tin foil and cook on a very low heat until egg is done-about 30 minutes. Cool, lift out and feast with your fingers.

Tuna Mac & Cheese Puffs
With Green Peas

2 cooks elbow macaroni
3 eggs
1 small can evaporated milk
1 small can tuna
¼ c. green peas
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
½ stick butter
¼ t. salt
¼ t. white pepper
Cook macaroni and drain. Mix tuna and ¼ c. cheese and melted butter. Salt and pepper. Toss well and place approximately ¼ c. in 12 muffin cup- pan that has been sprayed with butter oil or greased with butter. Beat eggs and milk together. Pour about 1 Tablespoon over top of each macaroni mixture-cup. After this- evenly divide the remainder of egg mixture among the muffin cups. Top with remainder of grated cheese and sprinkle paprika on top, if desire. Cooks approximately 30 minutes @ 350 degrees or low heat. Cool and run knife around edge and remove. Store in airtight container.