Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On The Road Again With The Grill

While the weather is still warm hit the backyard with a cookout for a birthday party or celebration for someone getting his/her driver’s license. Protein is found in the beans, hamburgers and cheese. Calcium is in the ice cream and cheese. Vitamins and minerals are in the pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce. To make homemade honey mustard, mix 1 cup of mustard with ¼ cup of honey. Stir will until blended.

Hot on the Trail Celebration Supper
New Driver’s Birthday Supper

Suggested Menu:
Fuel and Fryin’ hamburgers
Pit stop for cheese
Relish the Road plate with pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes
Wheels of Home made wheat buns
Hot Travelin’ baked beans
Charged with Homemade honey mustard
On the Go with a car-shaped cake
Truckin’ in the ice cream

Tip: Decorate with a cars theme, napkins, plates, cups and use oilcans with mints inside.
Make a label: Mint to fill your tank. Play theme music from a movie like “Thunder Road” or “Cars”. Use old-fashioned road maps on the tables. May make place cards with car stickers. Place ice cream balls in the bed of a plastic wrap-lined dump truck.
Food for Thought:
And the cart came into the field of Joshua... and stood there…
and they took the wood of the cart,
and offered…a burnt offering…1 Samuel 6:14 KJV