Saturday, May 03, 2008

Outdoor Cooking on Cinco de Mayo

Parties on the veranda are an integral part of Latin American and South American entertaining. The above picture was made in Brazil. Cinco de Mayo is considered a Mexican holiday but many other countries take advantage of the holiday for a time of celebration and partying. Tables may be decorated with streamers, sombreros and maracas. Colorful fiesta pottery dishes may be used. Paper napkins and tablecloths with cacti or other Southwestern theme may be substituted for linens. May use a potted cactus plant for centerpiece. Mexican wedding cakes may be placed in gift food baskets and presented to guests as favors. Store left over cakes or cornbread in airtight food storage containers for future use. A piƱata adds to the festivity. Just cook some of these foods on your grill and enjoy the day.

Taco Salad
Mexican Cornbread
Mexican Wedding Cakes
Fruit Cup
Fiesta Tea

Our menu has a Southwestern flavor like the people in the catus photo indicates. The Frijoles or beans and meat provide protein. The salad, fruit cup and cornbread supply needed vitamins and minerals. Happy Cinco de Mayo celebration on your own veranda.