Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shrimp in Garlic Butter

Grilled Shrimp

Food for Thought: Remember…Revelation 2: 5

(Remember all those who

Gave their lives for

America The Beautiful!)


Suggested Menu:

Shrimp in Garlic Butter

Rice with mixed vegetables

Relish Plate

Cake: Jeep Under Construction

Water Melon Cups


Tip: Decorate with red, white and blue



Place 4 or 5 large shrimp on skewers. Brush garlic butter on each side and grill.

Garlic Butter: ¼ cup corn oil margarine

1 T. garlic salt

Melt and dip shrimp

Rice with vegetables

Rice: Cook 2 cups of rice with a chicken bullion cube in 4 cups of water over the grill.

Cook2 cups mixed vegetables and a beef bullion cube in 4 cups of water until desired tenderness.

Mix together and serve warm.

Relish plate

Clean celery, fresh onions, and red, yellow and green peppers. Cut into desired lengths and place on a relish plate. This can be done ahead of time and taken in the cooler in plastic bags or air tight containers. May serve yogurt dressing.

Jeep Cake

Ahead of time: Bake cake batter into rectangle or use a shaped cake pan. If using a rectangle pan, cut into desired car or jeep shape when cooled. To make the cake appear disassembled, cut out windows, doors and top. Frost each with gray cake frosting to resemble primmer paint. Since off-roading is a fun 4th of July activity, this will be a novel treat!

Melon Balls

Hollow a watermelon. Using the watermelon, cut balls with a melon cutter. Scallop the edges of the watermelon rind. Replace the balls into the watermelon and chill! Cold watermelon hits the spot!

From the Nutritionist:

  • Off-roading and rock climbing with jeeps are favorite past times of our family. Sometimes jeeps need to be repaired or repainted. This meal honors the jeep recreation as well and outdoor cooking in July! Since cooking out is a natural, we make sure that all meals have basic nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Protein builds strong bones and teeth. Protein is found in the shrimp. Vitamins are requirement to prevent many illnesses and to maintain good mental health. The vegetables in the melon cups, relish plate and rice dish are high in vitamins A and C. Carbohydrates are in the rice and cake. Fiber is found in the whole grain rice and raw vegetables of the relish plate. Store any left over foods in airtight containers. Take left over cake parts in baskets or gift boxes to shut-ins for a novel treat with the disassembled jeep cake! This meal can be adapted for diabetics by omitting the bread and other high carbohydrate foods. Happiness is cooking and eating!!!!! Happy 4th of July!




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