Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bread on the Grill

Sandwiches on the Grill

While out rock climbing with your jeep or ropes, enjoy some of the following recipes.

Store leftovers in air tight storage bags and feast later.

Making sandwiches on the grill is easy and lots of fun. Fry bacon. Make fry bread dough or flatten canned biscuits and grill.

Flatten biscuit dough with hands and brush with liquid butter. Cook on indirect heat until brown and done. Turn and grill other side.

When done, brush both sides with salad dressing or mayonnaise and layer with bacon, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce. Yummy good grill eatin’.

Bread on the stick

Twist bread dough around a skewer and lay across the grill on a piece of tin fold and bake. If skewer seems to burn, turn. May wrap ends of skewer in tin fold and place more directly on grill and bake. Dip in melted butter and honey.

Flat Bread

Grill rounds of whole wheat bread dough that has been brushed with butter.

When grilled, sprinkle white or brown sugar on top and drizzle with honey or jelly. Roll or break into bites and enjoy!!
When bread is grilled, melt cheese on top and enjoy a Quesada.


Serve with fruit salad served in a watermelon bowl.


Take along a jeep climbing cake and celebrate a birthday or reunion with the gang!