Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Harlan, Ky campfire

This weekend an hardy band of adventurers set out into the mountain of Harlan County Kentucky. They found a bit more adventure than they bargained for.

I arrived on Friday night and met the group that already had a nice campfire going. We sat around the fire and I enjoyed listening to the stories of the adventures I had missed that day.

As we sat around the fire we dined on generic cookies - we call them guvmnt cookies like the no name cheese and peanut butter that is distributed as government surplus.

I broke out the peanut butter camping balls and every one was thrilled with the burst of flavor compared to the dull cookies. The large container of peanut butter balls did not last long in this hungry group.

The next night night after a huge adventure which is chronicled here ==> http://mikestrawbridge.com/jeep-offroad-harlan-ky.shtml

we set up our campfire under a small shelter near the helicopter pad. As this was one of the highest points on the mountain there was no protection from the wind. We attached a tarp to one side of the shelter to give us a break.

While we waited for the fire to form cooking coals, we had an appetizer of pan fried chicken dumplings.

There we dined on wonderful char grilled steaks, potato boats made with potato slices, onions and mushrooms. Then there was grilled corn and apple pie for desert.

Nothing tastes better than food cooked over a campfire after a hard day on adventure on the trail.



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