Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Playing with Fire

Building a cooking fire.

In order to cook camp fire food, you need a camp fire. Now we all know what can happen when you play with fire - you wet the bed. Not sure where that old tale came from but it you still have trouble with it, don't drink so much while sitting around the camp fire and see our other blog -

Always plan your camp fire site well and make sure it is on a clear space and that all the combustible material is removed from the ground around where the fire is to be.

Also, beware that sparks can travel long distances so if it is dry out, don't build a fire. Use a propane stove or cook on the dashboard instead.

But always remember that if you worry about stuff that can go wrong, it will. Try to think only about your goal of having tasty food prepared in a safe and enjoyable manner. Take whatever precautions you feel are necessary to make you feel safe when working with your fire.

Read more about the consequences of worrying about what all can go wrong in this article on



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