Monday, June 19, 2006

How to make Smores

Smores are a traditional campfire food favorite. In fact I just is not campfire cooking without Smores. On our trip to Livingston, Ky 5 ear old Jake demonstrated just how much fin it is to make smores by making one for all the Jeep campers as an appetizer while our steaks grilled.

How to make smores:

Take a rectangular Graham cracker and break it in half forming two squares.
Break a Hershey chocolate bar in half and place half the bar on one of the crackers squares.
carefully toast a couple of marshmallows over the camp fire. The trick is to get them hot enough to melt the chocolate but not burn them to a crisp. They have a pretty golden color when done just right.
Place the properly toasted marshmallows on top on the chocolate bar and top with the other half of the Graham cracker.

Allow just enough time for the chocolate bar to melt then enjoy while its warm.

For s'more ideas on how to make smores, see this link or look in the Callaway cookbook.



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