Friday, June 16, 2006

Campfire Cooking

Food always tastes better cooked over a campfire.

One of the best things about my off road Jeep trip to Livingston was the campfire cooking. Hanging out by the campfire with the guys form the XJ list is always entertaining, but this time the food was excellent.

Maybe because I was very hungry. Maybe because it was warmer than 20 degrees out. Maybe because there was no sand in the steak. ( I did not experience that one myself, but I have heard the story enough to make me feel like I did.)

For whatever reason, I love campfire food. When camping, I am willing to totally ignore all my healthy choices advice and just enjoy the carcinogen flavored red meat.

I just found a campfire cooking ebook that has tons of great recipes that I am looking forward to trying out on my next camping trip. Here is the link to some more great campfire food.



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