Tuesday, June 20, 2006

how to make a camp fire

If you are going to do any camp fire cooking, you first need a camp fire.

How to make a camp fire you ask? First you need some wood. Dry wood is preferable to wet wood but either will work.

Start your camp fire by stacking some two to three inch diameter camp fire logs like a Lincoln log cabin. Start with four to six logs stacked like a cabin.

Inside the space, pile up a few leaves, very small twigs and what ever fire starter material you have. The core of an old pine stump is the best thing you can use. There are also some commercial fire straterblocks you can buy.

Build a little tee pee of small wood over your fire starter.

Now you may have seen waterproof matches in camping books, but these should be gone with the wind by now. I think the only people using phosphorous matches now are meth labs. Not sure why they don't put the matchbooks behind the counter instead of the cold medicine.

Use a butane lighter. These work even in the rain. Even if you drop it in a puddle. If you are using matches, you might as well be using flint and steel. If camping where I can carry what I like, I use a propane torch. You can start a camp fire with even wet camp fire logs using a propane torch.

As the fire grows, you can add bigger and bigger camp fire wood to the stack.



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