Sunday, August 13, 2006

scary campfire stories

Short campfire ghost stories

Scary campfire stories are a long standing tradition in our family. My Granddaddy Straw had the best short campfire ghost stories that I have ever heard.

I remember one camping trip when we were boys when it rained all night so we were all huddled close around the fire. Daddy Straw told us a series of short ghost stories that had us all too scared to go to our tents. We just stayed huddled close to the fire all night.

One of his favorites was about walking down a dusty road and meeting a man who did not speak. As he and his friend discussed the man they disagreed about which side he had passed on. They decided to settle the argument by going back and looking at their tracks.

When the turned around, they could not see the man. And then much to their surprise they could not see his tracks in the dusty road. Only their two sets of tracks were visible.

You can make your own version of this scary campfire story to match any occasion. If is quite good if told correctly.



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