Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Breakfast on the grill

Breakfast outside should
be easy and fun.
In a muffin tin layer ham slices.
Add a dolop of onion dip (1 t.)
on top of each slice. Beat 3-4
eggs and add 1/4 cup milk.
Add salt and white pepper.
Pour the mixture over ham. Egg will fill the cup.
Top with grated cheddar cheese.
Place an aluminum casserole pan over the low heat and add about 1/4 cup water to bottom. Set the muffin tin in the bottom in the water and cover with tin foil. Cook until egg is forms a nice done cup. Approximately 45-60 minutes.
Serve with sun tea that is gently poured over lemon aid. This will make an interesting breakfast outdoors.
have a fun and safe grilling summer.




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